Glitter makeup for your event!

Here you can find more infrormation about our speciality which obviously is glitter as that’s what we do best, play with cosmetic glitter!

We do many kind of events from bachelorette parties, club nights, birthday parties and weddings from all the way to large scale company events! At the moment we work mainly in Scandinavia.

If you would like to book us for your event in Finland, please read more here! In English more below.

Glitter makeup at Your Corporate Event

You can order Glitternisti, our glitter makeup team, to any event anywhere in Finland and Scandinavia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange the perfect setup for your company event! On top of glitter makeup, we also do face and body painting, braids, traditional makeup and quick manicures.

Glitternisti is suitable for events targeted at children and grown-ups!  The client can influence the color selection and products that are used. We can also do a glitter gig using only our biodegradable products! 

Ecoglitter Event Using Our Biodegradable Glitters

The worry about glitter ending up in the environment is completely real! That is why we want to provide our amazing customers a guilt-free and sustainable experience.  Glitters from our Ecoglitter Collection are always included in our glitter set at an event, but we can also provide the service using only our biodegradable ecoglitters.

Our Ecoglitters  are toxic-free and over 90% biodegradable products made of plant based cellulose. #guiltfreeglitterfun

Do you want to know more? Contact us here and learn more here.

Glitter Bachelorette and Birthday Parties

Is an important day creeping up? Are you wondering how you can uplift your guests party moods instantly and make them remember your party forever?! We’ve got you covered!

Glitternistis will adorn your guests with glitter makeup and glitter tattoos in your home, at a park, at a restaurant or wherever your party animals are roaming! We will make your wildest sparkle dreams come true in the context of your party theme! We can also book a photographer to take shiny picture memories or a traditional makeup and hair artist to beautify the birthday babe or bride/groom-to-be or the entire party crowd. Of course, we’ll finish things off with sparkle, gems and glitter <3


Commercial & Collaborations

Need glitter, makeup or hair done in your photo shoot? On top of glitter makeup, we provide traditional makeup and hair services. Our team is equipped with multiple MUAs and hair stylists, so that your shoot will run smoothly even with a tighter schedule.

We have collaborated with, for example, Vallila Interiors, The Finnish National Opera, and multiple musicians, artists and influencers to add some shine into their campaigns, shows and spectacles.

Ask for more information and our portfolio here!