Gem Strip – new colors!

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Gem Strip

Super trendy Gem Strip now available! The strip is great for you hair or on your body! You can create amazing art work! Gem Strip is available in 30 cm pieces or 3 x 30 cm pieces.

New colors black and light pink!

How to use face gems?

It is super easy to use loose face gems! Use skin friendly adhensive, wash the stone after use and save for the next party!

Here’s some tips and tricks:

  •  use face gems after rest of your makeup is ready! If your makeup base is super heavy, remove some of the concealer before the glue.
  • put the glue on your face, not on the gem
  • you can design the shape of your diamond look before you start putting the gems on your face! Use table or any surface you have close by!
  • add glitter around the gems for fuller look!
  • you can use face gems anywhere on your face, body, nails or hair!