Glitter Hand Sanitizer

Improve your hygiene with Glitter Hand Sanitizer! This hand disinfectant looks so pretty, you’ll want to keep it on your desk at all times. That way you’ll remember to use it often! This hand sanitizer is perfect for encouraging kids to learn and remember to sanitize their hands as well! Children will love shaking the bottle and watching the mesmerizing sparkles float around.

Color options for the Glitter Hand Sanitizer are pink, silver, and pastel mix. You can also choose any chunky glitter from our store, and we’ll make a custom hand sanitizer for you. Just add your color desire into the comment section in your cart. Remember, that eco glitters are not suitable to add into it, because alcohol dissolves their natural colorants.

The glitters will stay in the bottle, but you may experience some runaway glitters when you use it. That just makes it more fun, right?

How to Use Glitter Sanitizer

Dispense the sanitizer on your palms. Rub well over palms, back of hands, fingers and finger nails until dry. Please note that using sanitizer is not the same as washing your hands!

Glitter Hand Disinfectant Ingredients:

Etanol (CAS 64-17-5), propan-2-oil (CAS 67-63-0) 7 g (vaikuttava aine), glyserine and PET – glitter. Jar size 50 ml.


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