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HAIR STARS – make your hair shine!

Hair Stars are super simple and great way to add some sparkle to your hair do! It is super easy to use the stars. All you need is scissors and hair straightener.

You can also add glitter to your hair! Check our chunky glitter category!


How to use Hair Stars

You need scissors and hair straightener! Easy to apply to any hairdo!

  •    Cut a piece from the plastic with stars and take off the white background. Size is up to you!
  •     Attach the piece with the stars on top of your hair
  •     Use hair straightener for each stars one by one, holding the straightener still approximately 5 seconds per star. Do not move the straightener.
  •     Take off the plastic!
  •     You are ready!

To apply, simply dampen skin with Vaseline or for example with Miracle Balm. Any water free cream works perfectly well! Apply glitter generously with fingers or with makeup brush. It is good to remember that if you dip your makeup brush into glitter, it will always be in glitter.  So maybe save the most expensive brushes for something else! Check our Magic Brush which is super for applying glitter!

Our glitters looks great on your face, hair and body. You can also use them for nails! Use your imagination, mix & match! You can check some inspiration from our Instagram and YouTube!

Remember to remove glitter so that it DOES NOT end up in drains. Use cotton bads or makeup swipes!

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