MIXED face gems – several colors

From: 6,90 

Mixed Face Gems for your face and body

Mixed Face Gems are sold in colors rose, jade, gold and iridescent or you can get a bag full of all the wonderful colors! One bag includes about 50 pieces of different sized gems, smallest being 0,5 cm and largest 4 cm.

Add skin friendly glue with discounted price. Check also our amazing Vax Pen. Vax Pen is great for picking up those tiny face gems and rhinestones and helps to place them more accurately.

You can check some inspiration from our Instagram and YouTube!

Clean after use and save for the next parteee!

Mix and match with Glitternisti glitters! #winning

The price if bought separately 14,80€.


How to use Mixed Face Gems?

We sell only loose face gems which are great as you can reuse them many, many times! This also makes it easier to design face gem art work which is not seen everywhere! All you need is the face gems and skin friendly adhesive. If you are making bigger face gem design you can make the design first on your table, so it is finally easier to attach them in correct shape on your face! We recommend putting on the gems when all your other makeup is ready!