Princess Glitter Tattoo Stencils


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Princess Glitter Tattoo Stencils

These wonderful princess glitter tattoo stencils are such a great activity for that mini’s birthday party for example! The package includes three stencils of the each shape (heart, mermaid, crown, rose and snowflake), each sized approximately 5-6 cm. Check also our glitter tattoo sets, that includes everything you need to make great glitter tattoos!

You get the best result if you use glitters from Glitternisti’s fine glitters (the finest kind) and glitter glue, the shape then being as sharp as possible. The tattoo lasts for few days but you can also wash it off with soap and water. The glue is skin and child friendly.

Check tutorial video from here!

How to make princess glitter tattoos:

You don’t have to be professional makeup artist or professional tattoo artist to make perfect glitter tattoos 🙂 It is super easy to make temporary glitter tattoos!

You need cosmetic glitter, glitter tattoo stencils (you can use ready ones or make your own!), makeup brush and something to attach the glitter on to your skin  (glitter glue, vaseline, etc).

When it comes to glitter tattoos fine glitters works the best, as it makes the lines of the tattoos very clear! You can check our full collection of fine glitters from here. We also have several different glitters sets that are great to make glitter tattoos! Ecoglitters are also perfect for glitter tattoos. Ecoglitters are made from plantbased cellulose so they feel softer on your skin than PET glitters.

Glitter glue is the best to attach the glitter onto skin. With glitter glue the tattoo sticks on your skin up to 5 days, unless you want to wash it off of course. If you want to put tattoos on your face, use something not so sticky and strong. Vaseline or any other water free balm is good!

How to remove princess glitter tattoos?

Depending of the adhesive you use, you can just wipe off the tattoo. If you use glitter glue, soak the tattoo first to soften the adhesive, then wipe off the tattoo. Please remember that glitter does not belong to drains! Remove any glitter so that the glitter end up in your bin!