Create flower art on your face with Face Florals! You don’t need to have a green thumb to succeed with this gardening work :)

Face Florals are real natural flowers dried and pressed by hand in England. Every flower and flower set are unique depending a lot also on the season!

Follow these easy instructions how to use Face Florals:
Use water free cream like Vaseline. Vaseline is the best for the larger flowers. For small and “thicker” flowers we recommend skin friendly cosmetic adhesive. Apply fixative on skin and carefully press flowers on top. Tweezers might be helpful for placing the flowers. Face Florals last on skin for one day – if you are careful not to touch them. Think a bit for the placement of the flowers, natural face movements like laughing and smiling might harm face florals. We recommend putting florals for example on cheek bones, temples or forehead! Check #faceflorals for inspiration!

Face Florals became a trend a couple of years ago during NYC Fashion Week when MAC make-up artist James Kaliardos used real fresh flowers on models’ faces and cleavages! Models looked like they had woken up from a “flower bed” <3

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