Become a Glitternisti retailer?

Glitternistin kivijalkaliike.

More information about how to become a Glitternisti retailer below!

Our collection includes great and fun products for people of all ages. For makeup junkies we have a large collection of cosmetic glitters and face gems, kids love our glitter tattoos. You should also check out our Ecoglitter collection for more nature friendly glitter options!

Our producst are ordered from various places around Europe and Asia. All of them are finished for sale in our office space in Helsinki, Finland. That way we can make sure everything is perfect!


How to order for wholesale?

The best way to check our collection is our online store. It is possible to order all our products for wholesale, apart from items from Outlet. Stock changes quite quickly so that might also affect wholesale orders. Any questions? Please, get in touch!

Options how to complete wholesale orders

Option 1 – Order straight from our online store! This is the fastest and most time effective way to order wholesale. We create a personal discount code which gives you the correct discount percentage. Minimum order quantity before the discount is 300€ (including Finnish VAT  24%) Please see the discount percentages below:

  • Order over 300€ (including 24% VAT) discount 40%
  • Order over 400€ (including 24% VAT) discount 45%
  • Order over 500€ (including 24% VAT) discount 50%

If you would like to get your discount code, please give us a holla here! Let us know your company name, location and what kind of discount code you would like to have! Orders are normally ready to ship in 7 days.

Option 2 – order via email If you would like to order via email and pay via invoice please send us an email. Minimum order quantity is 500€ (VAT 0%) and 6 pieces per item. Orders are normally ready to ship in 7-14 days.