Use glitter responsibly!

Before you open those glitter jars, please take a moment and read below about how to use glitter more responsibly!

We are sure all of us have come across with the problems PET glitters are doing to our nature. And that is no wonder! When the tiniest glitter flakes end up in our drains, then waters and finally in the bellies of fishes, we should be worried. So it is SUPER important that you remove glitter so that none of it ends up in drains!

This is how you remove glitter correctly

The best way to remove glitter is to use baby wipes and tape (yes, tape). First wipe off most of the glitter with wipes and then take the rest away by tapping the tape on your face. The loose glitter sticks on tape super well, which means that you do not have to wash off the last flakes.

If you have use skin friendly adhesive try oil based makeup remover and then tape.

Luckily glitter is very plentiful and you have to use the tiniest amount to make your face sparkle like crazy! Also check our biodegradable glitter collection for more environmentally friendly options.