Our brand name Glitternisti literally translates to “glitter junkie”. And that tells more about us than anything else!

Glitternisti is the biggest company in Scandinavia that specializes in cosmetic glitter and glitter makeup! From bachelorette parties to corporate events, birthdays, baby showers and weddings, we come and literally cover your sh*t in glitter! Our global team consists of over 30 trained and adorable glitter makeup artists who can make your event super shiny! We also sell our unique Glitternisti glitter mixes online. Don’t forget to check out our biodegradable options, as well!

The company started in 2016 as a one-woman show and has now grown into a vibrant and fun brand. Glitternisti HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland, where most of our glitter junky-ing happens!

Read more about what we do below!

Glitter makeup

Glitter makeup is a great activity for any kind of events and people from kids to grannies!

Kids love glitter tattoos and for grown ups we can do any kind of glitter magic you can imagine. Glitter looks amazing on your face, hair, body or beard!

If you think about the environment (as you should) we have large collection of biodegradable ecoglitters. Ecoglitters are made from sustainably grown eucalyptys trees and can be used as any other cosmetic glitter products!

Body & facepaint

Halloween horrors, butterfly face, UV decorations… We can do it, with or without glitters!

We have over 30 talented and professional makeup artists in our team who can turn you almost to anything with magic of makeup!

Bodypaint is a fantastic way to get attention in your event and kids love their teddy of butterfly faces!


Braid bar and other hair do's

Who doesn’t love braids!?

Braid bar has been our most popular service during the past summers. Braiding is amazing and such a great activity in any kind of events!

We can also do quick hair do’s, like blow outs, beach waves, etc. 

Please ask if you have something special in mind!

Classic Makeup

Commercial or for your special day! We do more classic makeup also.

Most of us are play also with makeup, not just with glitter!

Face Florals

We can turn your face in to botanical masterpiece with Face Florals!

Face Florals are real handpressed flowers that you can add to your summery look!

Glitter tattoos

Hits for kids, for sure!

Glitter tattoos are guaranteed hit among kids. We have wide collection of glitter tattoo stencils of our own, but you can also design your own “ink”!

Check our full collection for kids from here!


Something super special for dark night or club night? 

Face and body paint can also be done with UV paints and glitters! Good for any age, gender or taste 🙂

The picture is from an event one of the largest banks in Finland organized.

Flower crowns

One of our newest goodies is flower crown workshop! Super nice activity for office evening, bachelorette party, birthday.. 

You can choose the flower yourself and if needed we can organize the space for the workshop.

The Company Story

The owner of cosmetic glitter Glitternisti Tiina Hakala.

“I’ve always loved everything shiny and sparkly. By that I don’t mean expensive things, more like things that really catches your eye because of sparks! When I ordered my first cosmetic glitters for our new year’s eve party since the 90’s, I had no idea that most of my friends shared the same love! Glitter makeup really made people happy and gave them an amazing amount of self confidence! At that point, my friend Ona asked me why wouldn’t I start making glitter magic as my main income. Why not I thought!”

Glitternisti’s official birthday was in may 2016, when we launched our instagram account. Since then we have glittered people in hundreds of different parties and events all around Finland and Scandinavia.