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Glitternisti is the first and biggest company in Scandinavia that specializes in cosmetic glitter and related products. The name of our company literally translates into “glitter junkie” and that sums us up quite accurately. We offer glitter makeup, glitter tattoos and other body and hair decorations at festivals, bachelorette and birthday parties, corporate events and other happenings. We also sell cosmetic glitter in our online store. All our glitters are unique mixes designed by us and are potted in Helsinki, Finland, where the Glitternisti HQ is located.

Apply glitter to moisturized skin (you can use vaselin or Miracle Balm for example) and apply generously with a makeup brush or your fingers. Bear in mind that once you dip a makeup brush in glitter, it will always have glitter on it. Thus, don’t use the best brush in your arsenal to do the glitter magic! Check our Magic Brush which is absolutely perfect for glittering!

You can use cosmetic glitters on your face, skin or hair. If you prefer a more long-lasting glitter makeup use glitter adhensive or finish the look with makeup setting spray! For your hair or beard, use hair gel. Be creative, mix & match! Get some inspiration from the Glitternisti Youtube channel or Instagram account!

We ship three times a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)! 

Delivery times are between 2-9 days, depending on the chosen delivery method. You will receive confirmation email with tracking code shortly after we have completed your order.

 Read more below and from our Terms & Conditions!

You can choose from the following shipping methods depending on where you’re located! 

  • Tracked Posti XS delivery to your mailbox – 5,90€ (4-6 days)
  • Tracked Shipping Finland Posti –  7,90€ (2-4 days)
  • Tracked Matkahuolto shipping – 5,90€ (2-3 days)
  • Tracked Shipping Europe – 9,90€ (5-7 days)

We accept all major credit cards (via Stripe payments and Checkout Finland) and PayPal.

Glitternisti is part of Good Tribe LTD (FI2362356, former titiMadam LTD) so this name is probably what you’ll see on your bank statement!

We won’t receive or collect any of your payment information at any point during the order process.

If the mail service tricked us, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll try sort out the situation! If you do not receive your order in 14 days after you receive the order confirmation email, please get in touch with us immediately! You can email us here!

All our glitters are made for cosmetic use, which are safe to use on the skin in the same ways as you would use normal makeup and cosmetic products. Although, be careful with the sensitive eye area!

If glitter or other products purchased from this website causes any irritation on the skin or eye area, rinse with plenty of water. If the irritation does not stop get in touch with your doctor! Only use glitter on healthy skin! You should always patch test cosmetic products before use to insure that the product suits your skin.

The worry about glitter ending up in the environment is completely real! That is why we advice our clients to remove the glitter with swipes and into the trash. For easy removal, we recommend using makeup wipes or cotton pads drenched in makeup remover. Don’t wash your glitter makeup in the sink or shower, as this will lead to microplastics ending up in the ecosystem. After you have removed the glitter, you can wash your face normally. It is also good to know that glitter is super sufficient. One jar lasts for a looong time as it is like a makeup product.

We also have a full range of biodegradable glitter. Read more about Ecoglitter here!


Cosmetic glitters are made from PET –plastic which is considered to be safe to use on skin and hair. However, be careful around the sensitive eye area and use it only on healthy skin. Glitter is meant for external use only – don’t eat glitter!

We also have collection of biodegradable glitters. All the items in the ECO collection are completely non-toxic and vegan. The products we sell are made in Europe and Asia.

The glitters are made from skin friendly PET plastic so it should be safe to use on your skin. Although, like with all cosmetics, in rare cases it might cause some skin irritation or an allergic reaction. So please patch test the product first on a small area of your skin!

Swipe off the glitter with cotton pads or a wipe before washing off the rest of your face. If you use cosmetic glue with your application, remove the glitter with eye makeup remover or an oil. REMEMBER THAT GLITTER DOES NOT BELONG TO THE DRAINS! Check out our How To Remove Glitter video tutorial here!

If for some reason you are not happy with the items you received you have 14 days to return them. Please see more info at the Terms & Conditions -section. Remember always to email us about any returns before hand!

We do not recommend glitter for small children mainly for couple of reasons! You dont want the glitters to end up in wrong places such the eyes or your floor 🙂 Children under 12 years old should use glitter only under adult supervision!

This does not mean that kids should not use glitter (as they love it more than adults do)! Check our collection designed for kids!