Get glitter(ink)ed! Everything you need to make fantastic and fun glitter tattoos are found from here! Glitter tattoos are great activity at childrens' parties and events!

FOR GLITTER TATTOOS YOU NEED: cosmetic glitter (ecoglitters feel softer on skin and are easier to remove), makeup brush, skin friendly adhesive (vaseline, glitter glue..) and tattoo stencils.

Making glitter tattoos is super easy! You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist (and definitely not a pro tattoo artist) to make glitter tattoos.

This is how you do it: Press tattoo stencil on skin, apply skin friendly adhesive or other fixative, cover the area with glitter, peel the stencil of carefully and the tattoo is ready! We recommend you mix different colors to get amazing result!

Our collection has three glitter tattoo sets with different templates:
– Glitter Tattoo Stencils: Star, paw, bow, unicorn, diamond and anchor
– Glitter Tattoo Stencils 2.0: Lips, lightning, seashell, rainbow, butterfly and feather
– Glitter Tattoo Ice Princesse templates: Rose, crown, heart, mermaid, snowflake

All you need is the tattoo templates, fixative, glitter and a brush. Use a separate brush for glitter – once you have dipped the brush into a glitter jar, it will always be covered in glitter!

For glitter tattoos, the best option is to use fine glitters that you can find from our basic and ecoglitter collections. Ecoglitter products are biodegradable and made from plant-based cellulose. Fine glitter powder gives nice, sharp edges to the tattoo and it stays better on skin. Our color range is very wide!

Glitter tattoos stay on skin like other temporary tattoo stickers, usually for a couple of days. You can wash the tattoos away simply by using soap and water – Please be careful that glitter doesn’t end up in the drain! We don’t recommend cosmetic adhesive (aka skin glue) for children’s faces because removing it might feel unpleasant. For children’s face try Vaseline or Miracle Balm.

You can also book Glitternisti make-up artists for your event to make glitter make-up, tattoos, or for example floral anadems! Glitter make-up is suitable for all kinds of parties and party people of any age.

All Glitternisti glitters are vegan, non-toxic and they are not tested on animals. Glitter tattoos stencils and templates are designed and produced in Finland!