Bad hair day?! Never again! Here you find all our accessories, makeup bags, hair clips, hair bands and jewellery to make those rainy or bad hairs little bit easier. As everything else, all our accessories are extra and bling! Be ready for lots of diamonds, unicorns and sparkle!

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Throughout times people have decorated themselves with all kinds of things. For example, did you know that one of the first known badass boss ladies, Cleopatra, used “glitter”. Cleopatra crashed the wings from a dung beetle to decorate her face, furniture and clothes. Dung Beetles wings are super shiny and look almost like an oily surface! Also mayans are known for their love for all things shiny! Mayans used mica powder from stones to make their surroundings sparkel!

So it is not new to decorate yourself as people have used different kinds of jewelry for years! That is why we have a range of accessories, which are true to our shiny and fun style!

From our Accessories category you can find hair clips, hair bands, fun makeup bags, earrings from our sister company titiMadam, and other goodies! All our jewellery are made in London and in Helsinki, Finland where we are also based.

Use our hair accessories to finish off that wonderful party look of yours or save that bad hair day!