#GUILTFREEGLITTERLOVE – Ecoglitter is over 90% biodegradable glitter, which you can use like any other cosmetic glitter product. Ecoglitters are fun, vegan and GMO free!

USE: glitter makeup, glitter tattoos, glitter hair, glitter beard, etc

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Glitternisti Ecoglitters are designed and produced especially for cosmetic purposes. The best thing is that you can use them just like any other cosmetic glitters!

Ecoglitters are over 90% biodegradable products made from plant-based cellulose grown in Europe. Trees used to produce ecoglitter are grown with ecofriendly methods. Ecoglitters don’t include any metals or other toxic ingredients. Pigments are from natural sources and the beautiful shine comes from 0,1% aluminum coating. There are no records of side effects of any kind – If the ecoglitter product is used on healthy skin and it is applied like any other normal make-up product. However please be careful with eyes and sensitive skin around eyes especially when removing glitter. If you are allergic or sensitive skin, we recommend you test the glitter first by applying the product on a small skin area.

Ecoglitters are not tested on animals, they are vegan and produced without parabens. Ecoglitters are perfect also for children because they feel softer on skin compared to other cosmetic glitters.

Try ecoglitters to create glitter tattoos or glitter makeup, suits perfectly also for eye make-up. Fix ecoglitter on skin with Vaseline or any other waterfree cream.

Are you looking for an amazing highlighter? We got it! Eco Fine Silver Powder-, Eco Fine Gold Powder andEco Fine Bronze Powder loose glitters are fine as loose powder. These highlighters are made from mica-powder which is a natural powder collected from muscovite minerals (yes, natural stones have also these shiny minerals). Eco glitter mica powders are dyed with natural colors such as iron oxide. Mica highlighters are entirely natural minerals and they are often used in cosmetic products to give glow (for example lipstick and blush). The mica powder we use for our Glitternisti products comes from the USA. We highly recommend to try our Eco glitter mica highlighters!