ECO AZURE Ecoglitter

From: 6,90 

Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter

Eco Azure Glitter is a beautiful mix of green and blue glitters. This mesmerizing glitter is perfect for that vacay dreaming and partying. These tropical vibes shine like the ocean on your skin, hair or nails. You can pair this biodegradable glitter with any shade and size glitter you like to add shine and sparkle to your #guiltfreeglitter look!

All Glitternisti glitters are non-toxic, vegan and not tested on animals!

How to Use Cosmetic Ecoglitter

Biodegradable glitter is just as easy to use as our PET-glitters. Dampen the surface you want to cover with Vaseline, Miracle Balm, or another water-free moisturizer. Use your fingers or a makeup brush to distribute the ecoglitter. Remember that the brush you use will always have glitter on it – so maybe don’t use your best one! In our store, you can find the Magic Brush which works perfectly with ecoglitters. Glitter, be it biodegradable like this one or not, doesn’t belong in the drains! Read more about the removal of glitter products here!


Glitternisti Azure is a beautiful mix of different sized blues and greens. Glitter size varies between 1 and 3 mm.

You can read more about our biodegradable glitter range from here!