Fine glitters are like stardust! Our collection of fine glitters includes huge amount of color options and they are great for more classical glitter make up and for glitter tattoos!


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Back to the 90’s! Most of our clients remember fine, powder like, glitter from their childhood applied on cheekbones! Good times :) Maybe that’s why fine glitters are one of our best sellers!

Fine glitter is basically grained loose glitter. The glitters in our Only-collection has different shades of fine glitters that are always unicolor, so you get a jar full of what you see. Professionals and other glitter lovers use fine glitters for example as eye shadow and to create the sparkliest glitter lip. And yes – You can make smokey eyes also with glitter! Fine glitter is also perfect for nails and glitter tattoos!

The finest glitters in this category are Eco Fine Silver Powder, Eco Fine Gold Powder and Eco Fine Bronze Powder which are fine as loose powder. These highlighters are made from Mica-powder which is a natural powder collected from muscovite minerals (Yes, natural stones have also these shiny minerals). Eco glitter mica powders are dyed with natural colors such as iron oxide. Mica highlighters are entirely natural minerals and they are often used in cosmetic products to give glow (For example lipstick and blush). The mica powder we use for our Glitternisti products comes from the USA. We highly recommend trying our Eco glitter mica highlighter – They are the best in the world!