What is better than parties with glitter?

We designed several glitter sets to get that party started! Our glitter sets are perfect for any kind of happenings, like birthdays and weddings BUT they are the best at Bachelorette parties where the whole crew need pampering and “special effects”! Check the starter kits, that include everything you need to start your own glitter makeup spot!

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Parties are our specialty!
Glitter screams for a party and glitter make-up is a great party accessory for people of all ages. As for some reason glitter has a lovely side-effect to bring people together. It also gives people confidence!

Glitter makeup and glitter tattoos are a super popular activity at Bachelorette parties and weddings. They are quick to do, everybody loves glitter and the pictures will look soooo amazing!

For bachelorette parties we recommend especially glitter make-up and accessories such as face gems but you can create glitter parties in any kind of theme and styles: Unicorn, Golden, 70’s, Vegan, metal music… The only limit is your imagination. Use black glitter to create drama, add red and you have a perfect and easy-to-create Halloween make-up! Choose your favorite glitter colors and start a party with wide leg trousers, headbands and ABBA, then add glitter! For party people who love nature and have ecological values try Glitternisti ecoglitters – biodegradable cosmetic glitters that you can use in the same way than our other cosmetic glitters. Also, our Face Florals – collection offers ecological, special flower accessories for face. Face Florals are real pressed flowers which are easy to attach with glitter adhesive and really turn your face into botanical masterpiece!