Finish off your makeup with pair of lashes! They give such a nice and deep, intence look. You can use our lashes multiple times, as long as you clean them up after every use!

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False lashes are great to create depth in the eyes when a simple mascara is not simply enough. Temporary false lashes are easy to use and a fantastic way to update your look. Do you feel more like Marilyn or Twiggy today?

Our collection has four different false lashes that you can modify easily according to the shape of your own eye. Our false lashes are easy to place and they are soft like real lashes. If you take good care of false lashes, wash and storage them carefully they are long lasting. Use makeup cleanser and tweezers to clean up false lashes after every use.

Try and test the lashes before your big night out. Be patient and read the instructions carefully. There are bad hair days – and also bad lash days :) So give yourself time to learn how to attach the lashes.

Instructions how to apply false lashes:
Finish up your makeup. Add dark eyeshadow or eyeliner next to your own lashes (makes the edge of the false lashes disappear), add mascara. Measure and cut the lashes, if needed, for the wanted length. Add adhesive on the false lashes and let the adhesive dry for a minute or so. Place false lashes starting from the middle, use tweezers to place first the outer edge and at last the inner edge of the lashes.

Tip: youtube is full of instruction videos, check out some of them :)