Brushes, makeup bags, glues, etc! Everything you need to become the master of glitter makeup!

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During the years we have found our favorite tools to create amazing glitter makeup. The brushes and fixatives in this category are what we use everyday! That is why we added them also into our online store collection!

Few words about adhesives:
Before choosing the right fixative for your glitter makeup, think a bit for what need: How long-lasting fixation you actually want AND need. Think also about the placement where you are applying glitter or face gems.

If you are going for a “classical glitter make up” like highlighting under the eyes or cheek bones, we definitely recommend that you use Vaseline or some other cream without water (Miracle Balm, Vitalis etc.). Water free cream fixes glitter gently but it is a long-lasting option and gives you the change to fix your makeup during the day! You don’t need a lot of cream. Keep in mind fine lines of your skin and movements! For example, Vaseline doesn’t work on eyelids because it is sticky and thick.

For longer lasting result, we recommend skin friendly cosmetic adhesive, especially for glitter tattoos, face gems andif you are going on stage!

For glitter hair, beard and other “hairy” areas use hair gel. Apply plenty of gel in the area of your choice, apply glitter on top of the gel either using a brush or fingers. Remember that when the gel gets dry, your hair gets hard.

All our glitters are suitable also for decorating nails! Use transparent nail polish and place glitter on top. Let it dry and apply one or two extra layers of nail polish! You can also dip your nail directly into a glitter jar.

Best brushes for glitter makeup are soft and made from synthetic fibers. Once you dip the brush in glitter, it will always be in glitter so save the most expensive brushes for something else!