More glitter, the merrier people! Our glitter sets are found from here! All our sets are designed so that you can use the glitters on their own or together, mix & match!

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Are you wondering how to organize a memorable party for your guests!?!
We have the answer!

We have created different glitter sets for special events, just like yours. So why not build DIY glitter corner where everyone can do their own glitter makeup?

For your DIY glitter makeup corner you will need:

– glitters, we recommend choosing multiple colors because not everyone has the same taste! Glitters are super long-lasting products, so we are sure you can use the jars in several parties. You can also add face gems and face florals!
– makeup brushes: choose couple of different sizes. We use Glitternisti Magic Brushes that you can find in three different sizes. Choose four brushes if you are experienced and are looking for a professional result for your glitter looks. Round & flat brush set is a very good basic package, Flat & sharp brush set if you are aiming for sharp and graphic final results. Remember also that once you have dipped the brush into a glitter jar, the glitter will never take off entirely. Don’t use your most expensive brushes for glitter!
– fixative: We use mostly Vaseline (or any other dehydrated cream) to fix glitter on skin. Try also glitter primer!
– cleaning and hygiene: Skin friendly cleaning wipes or baby wipes. Use wipes also to clean brushes from glitter! You will also need a cleansing product for brushes (quick dry), and hand sanitizer. If you use skin adhesive, we recommend you clean brushes immediately after use.
– Use a tray or a big plate under the glitter jars, it is easier to clean up. Take care of the brushes by keeping them in a separate cup or pouch.

You can also book Glitternisti crew to do the make-up for your guests. We travel around Finland, contact us for details. We also have possibility to book a photographer to take pictures of your glitter party!