XL cosmetic glitter set

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XL cosmetic glitter set

XL Cosmetic Glitter Set includes our BIGGEST and chunkiest glitters, Bali XL, Fiji XL, Maui XL & Tahiti XL. These glitters work extremely well especially on your hair as they are super chunky! A must try! Check also our newest XL family member Capri XL and Ibiza XL. XL glitters works super well with any other of our cosmetic glitters.

You can add Must Have Tools for 9,90€ only (normal price 14,90€). Must Have Tools includes everything you need to start doing glitter makeup: vaseline, glitter glue and two of our Magic Brushes!

The price if bought separately 26€.


How to Use XL Cosmetic Glitter?

To apply, simply dampen skin with a product like Vaseline or Miracle Balm. Any water-free cream works perfectly well! Apply glitter generously with your fingers or with a makeup brush. It is good to remember that if you dip your makeup brush into glitter, it will always have a bit of glitter on it.  So maybe save your most expensive brushes for something else! Check out our Magic Brush which is super for applying glitter!

Our glitters look great on your face, hair, and body. You can also use them for nails! Use your imagination, mix & match! You can check some inspiration from our Instagram and YouTube!