MUST HAVE TOOLS for Glitter Makeup


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Glitter Makeup Must Haves

Must Have Tools are, like the name says, must haves! The set includes two Unicorn Magic Brushes (flat & round), vaseline and glue suitable for skin, which means you would have all you need to start playing with Glitternisti glitters and Face Gems!

The price of the set if bought seperately 18,70€.

How to Apply Glitter Makeup

With this set you’re ready to conquer all the glitter skills you need! To apply, simply dampen skin with the Vaseline that is included in this set. Any water-free cream works perfectly well! Apply glitter generously with the makeup brush. You can also use your fingers, if you’re in a pinch for time… or in the middle of a festival crowd. It is good to remember that if you dip your makeup brush into glitter, it will always have a bit of glitter on it.  That is why we have included the Magic Brush in this set to save your fave brushes! For gems and Face Florals we recommend using the Glitter Glue for the best durability! 

Glitter Inspiration

Our cosmetic glitters look great on your face, hair, and body. You can also use them for nails! Use your imagination, mix & match! You can check some inspiration from our Instagram and YouTube!


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