ECO Earthlings ecoglitter set

From: 22,90 

ECO Earthlings ecoglitter set with biodegradable glitters

Glitternisti ECO Earthlings ecoglitter set includes Eco Silver, Eco Waters, Eco Pink Velvet and Eco Universe glitters. Great gift for any glitter lover (including yourself!). Add gift / storing box for 1€. The price if bought seperately 27,60€.

You can add Must Have Tools for 9,90€ only (normal price 14,90€). Must Have Tools includes everything you need to start doing glitter makeup: vaseline, glitter glue and two of our Magic Brushes!

What is ecoglitter?

Ecoglitter is over 90% biodegradable cosmetic glitter which is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptys trees grown in European plantations. You can use ecoglitters just like any other cosmetic glitter, on your face, hair, body and nails! The products are completely non-toxic and GMO-free!

Ecoglitters are 92% plastic free. The remaining 8% is styrene acrylate, which works as a binder to keep all the ingredients together. Ecoglitter also contains 0,1% of aluminium which makes the glitter shine! All coloring is made with mineral-based colorants.

Glitternisti Ecoglitter collection consists of over 30 glitter mixes that are all mixed and potted in Helsinki, Finland. Check out the full collections here!