Biodegradable glitter or PET glitter?

Spring is almost here and it is time to get those sparkles out from the back of your makeup drawer! That’s why this is a good time for us to remind you lovelies about the responsible use of glitter and how that is done!

We sell three different kinds of glitters online: PET glitter (the plastic based glitter), biodegradable glitter (a.k.a ecoglitter) and amazing highlighters made from sustainably sourced mica powder. In makeup use these three can be used in similar ways. Ecoglitter works just as well on your face and body than PET glitters, but the shine is little different. We definitely understand that sometimes you need that super shine, but most of the glittery days ecoglitters are completely ok! Ecoglitters are also wonderful as they are softer on skin, which is of course great for the smallest glitter lovers! And it is an ecological choice!

Eco Aqua Copper from our biodegradable collection
Daydream Highlighter
Ice Bloom kosmeettinen glitter
Pink Bloom from our PET glitter collection
See the difference between ecoglitter (top) and PET glitter

So what is ecoglitter, biodegradable glitter? 

Ecoglitter is over 90% biodegradable cosmetic glitter which is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptys trees grown in European plantations. You can use ecoglitters just like any other cosmetic glitter, on your face, hair, body and nails! The products are completely non-toxic and GMO-free!

But for us, the best part is that ecoglitters are 92% plastic free. The remaining 8% is styrene acrylate, which works as a binder to keep all the ingredients together. Ecoglitter also contains 0,1% of aluminium which makes the glitter shine! All coloring is made with mineral-based colorants.

The most important rule for all glitter lovers is to remove glitter so that it does not end up in drains!

All ecoglitter sets -20%! 
Eco Earthling glitter makeup starter kit 19,90€
bachelorette glitter set with biodegradable glitter
Eco Bachelorette Set 41,60€
Fine Ecoglitter Set 18,30€