Mastering glitter makeup is easy. To help you here’s some tips and tricks on how to glitter! We have learned all these during the years, while completing our “master degree in glitter makeup” on Finnish people across the country!



When it comes to glitter, we say your best friend is courage! 


The best part in glitter is that they reflect light like crazy, like we all know. That is why glitter is never what it seems like, it’s always surprising!

So be brave, play with colors and flake sizes and try out combos that might feel absolutely ridiculous.

Pic @neoniartist with Fiji XL glitter
Pic @hakuliantti with Super Gold glitter


Where to place glitter makeup?


It is good to spend a minute or so to plan where to place your glitters! There are several “good spots” but we like to encourage people to always try something new!

So what to consider? As with any makeup, also glitter is meant to highlight your look (eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc). If you do your glitter makeup close to your eyes, follow the same rules as with eyeliner or eye shadow. Put the glitter on so it starts from low and grows towards the upper part of your face. That makes your face seem more “awake” and bright”. 

Also consider movement! Glitter looks amazing on your lips but drinking, laughing and eating might become an issue!

Size of your glitter makeup?


We say, start from small and make the glitter bigger is necessary! You can also layer glitter when the ourcome is more 3D.






Cover lightly the area where you want to use glitter with for example Vaseline. Whatever thick creasy cream without water works well for the purpose! For long lasting results, use cosmetic skin adhesive. Check out amazing Miracle Balm from our online store! Check also our Must Have Tools kit (pictured). The set includes all necessary products to start your life as a glitter makeup artist!

PRO-TIP: Before your big party night, do a test make-up -Especially if you are using skin adhesive or you want to use glitter on your eye shadows or lips! Loose Glitter has its own character and test make-up is always a good idea to avoid (negative) surprises!



Must have tools for glittermakeup!




To apply glitter, use either a make-up brush or your  finger. You can also try watercolor brush or any other soft brush! Create layers of glitter and apply several times, the work will pay off and the result will be more spectacular (vs. normal eye shadow)! Be brave – Combine colors and different sized glitter flakes!

PRO-TIP: Dedicate a few brushes only to apply glitter. Once you use a brush for your glitter make-up, there’s no turning back! Check out Glitternisti Magic brush from our online store, it is affordable and a good basic brush made for this purpose




You can finalize your glitter make-up by using make-up fixing spray or skin friendly hair spray if you want. Glitter is long-lasting and doesn’t necessarily need a finishing skin fixative. You can fix your glitter make-up during the day like any other make-up. If you use cosmetic skin adhesive, you don’t need a finishing product!

If you use skind friendly adhesive, like glitter glue, you don’t have to finish the makeup in anyways. 

PRO-TIP: Before fixing you glitter make-up, try first if you can add more glitter without adding the fixative (Vaseline) product. Add Vaseline only if really needed!




GLITTER DOES NOT BELONG IN NATURE NOR THE DRAIN! Although our ecologic glitters decompose in nature, even then they don’t belong in our natural waters. The best thing for nature and our ecological system is to remove glitter correctly : Remove the product from skin using cotton and throw it to the bin or biowaste (If you use ecological make-up removal)!

PRO-TIP: Oil-based make-up removal works very well to remove glitter too! You can also try tape.


So, here is how you can start! Check inspiration from our Instagram account!

This post was originally posted on 21st of March 2019 to our Finnish blog!