Glitter makeup for bachelorette party!

Glitter makeup for bachelorette party is super easy way to have affordable program for that special day! And you know what, they fit together better than a cherry on top of a cake! Why, because glitter has this macig touch that makes everybody happy and joyful! Read below some of our how to complete crazy amazing glitter bachlorette party!

Glitter makeup for bachelorette party – what you need?


You don’t need much, but below is a list of the items we recommend having around while opening your “glitter bar”!

  • cosmetic glitters, how many different ones is up to you, but the more the merrier. We say to have lots of chunky glitters available in different flake sizes and colors as they are the ones helping you to create amazing glitter makeup looks!
  •  makeup brushes and something to attach the glitter with. We think the best option is vaseline or any other waterfree balm.
  • nice set up, store your glitters on a cute tray, add a mirror and some makeup removing swipes to tidy up the brushes, so that the set up is great for your bachelorette guests!


Glitter makeup for bachelortte party.


Check our ready Bachelorette glitter sets

Glitter makeup for bachelorette party sets available online! We have gathered some of our favorite cosmetic glitters into fun set. These are especially great for parties and other gatherings as you get eveything you need! All sets include the glitters pictured plus makeup brush suitable for glitter and vaseline!

Parhaat polttari-ideat.


What else to consider when organizing a glitter bachelorette party?


Well, we know who is the queen of that day 🙂 So think what the bride likes? Is she more into unicorns and fairies, biodegradable choices or heavy metal music? These are all thing that you can bring up also at your glitter bar!

Choose colors that the bride loves or think certain kind of glitter makeup look that all of the party people will have! This “unites” you even more and the pictures will look AWESOME! If she prefers biodegradable options, choose something from our ecoglitter range! 

Check our instagram for some inspiration!

And that is how you organize a great glitter makeup bachelorette party!




Cover lightly the area where you want to use glitter with for example Vaseline. Whatever thick creasy cream without water works well for the purpose! For long lasting results, use cosmetic skin adhesive.


To apply glitter, use either a make-up brush or your  finger. You can also try watercolor brush or any other soft brush! Create layers of glitter and apply several times, the work will pay off and the result will be more spectacular (vs. normal eye shadow)!


You can finalize your glitter make-up by using make-up fixing spray or skin friendly hair spray if you want. Glitter is long-lasting and doesn’t necessarily need a finishing skin fixative.


GLITTER DOES NOT BELONG IN NATURE NOR THE DRAIN! Although our ecologic glitters decompose in nature, even then they don’t belong in our natural waters. The best thing for nature and our ecological system is to remove glitter correctly : Remove the product from skin using cotton and throw it to the bin or biowaste (If you use ecological make-up removal)!