GLITTER TATTOOS – All you need to know!


Glitter tattoo on child's hand.

Glitter tattoos are great!

They are fun, fast and easy way to spice up that mini’s birthday party. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist and definitely not a professional tattoo artist to create colorful glitter tattoos!

We have several glitter tattoo sets which include everything you need to start your career as tattoo artist! The sets include cosmetic glitter, skin friendly adhesive and of course tattoo stencils. More info about the products below!

Keep in mind we have free tracked delivery for all orders over 50€ (around 500 SEK) inside Europe!

Glitter Tattoo tutorial video

Here’s a little tutorial video for you to see just how easy it is to make glitter tattoos!


What do you need for glitter tattoos?

  • tattoo stencils, we have three different sets to choose from. Surprise, surprise the princess themed set is the most popular one. Each of the sets includes three of each shape so you have many tattoos to make!
  • cosmetic glitter, use glitter meant for cosmetic purposes. You don’t want your little one to have trace of metals on his/hers skin. Cosmetic glitter is clean from harmful chemicals and is safe to use on healthy skin. All the glitters we sell are safe to use on skin and are made for cosmetic purposes. The best glitter for glitter tattoos is fine loose glitter. Fine glitter makes the outlines of the tattoos super sharp. Ecoglitters are also great as they feel softer on skin!
  • brush & something to clean up brushes after use, any kind of soft brush is ok, we recommend the not so expensive ones as once you dip that brush in glitter, it will always be in glitter! Make sure you have something to clean up the brush after using skin friendly glue. The glue dries fast and so will your brush if you do not clean it fast after use! Makeup wipes or baby wipes are great for this!
  • adhesive, always use water-soluble fixative as they are easiest to wash off with water and soap! If you want to put any glitter on your mini’s face, use Miracle Balm or other water free cream!
Princess themed glitter tattoos.
Princess themed glitter tattoos
Eco friendly glitter tattoo set
Glitter tattoo set with biodegradable glitters

Tips & tricks for making glitter tattoos

  • tattoos attached with glitter glue stay on skin for couple of days, like normal temporary tattoos
  • mix and match colors! The tattoos look more creative the more you mix colors!
  • ecoglitters are biodegradable and feel softer on skin
  • making glitter tattoos is easy but we do not recommend kids under 9 years old making them without adult supervision!
  • one 5 ml glitter jar is enough at the least for 20 tattoos, glitter is super longlasting like most cosmetic products are
  • be careful with skin glues, they wash of easily but the removing might not feel so nice on the sensitive skin
  • you can use one stencil more than once!

All our glitter tattoo sets can be seen here! Check more inspiration from our instagram account <3

Glitter tattoo shapes.
Glitter synttärit voi toteuttaa lapsille ja aikuisille.
Glitter tattoo shapes.