We are so happy you are here!

That’s because we think you share the same passion for glitter as we do <3  Our international customer base is growing, which means it is perfect time to translate our most popular blog posts in English!


Few words about who we are and what we do! Our brand name Glitternisti literally translates to “glitter junkie”. Believe us when we say that our name has made people laugh and wonder.. But the word play is used only in the most positive idea behind it, like in many other great words, like opportunist, humanist, individualist.. and so 🙂

Glitternisti is the largest company in Scandinavia that specializes in cosmetic glitter and glitter makeup!  We sell our own cosmetic glitter collection online but also do all kinds of glittery makeup gigs in company and private events. 

Our online collection consist only of cosmetic glitters, PET glitter and biodegradable Ecoglitter. We also have to give a holla to our amazing Face Gem collection!

All our products are vegan and not tested on animals. And luckily we can say that we have tested all our items for several years now and can guarantee that the items are safe and super!

Little history of Glitternisti


The business started officially in 2016. That is when the owner of the company (that’s me in the picture, hello!) opened Glitternisti instagram account!

Before stepping into the crazy world of social media, we spread glitter all around Helsinki, where the company is located.

We were (we, I mean me and my best friends) so amazed what glitter did to people! Their faces started to shine, not only because of glitter, but because of the confidence it gave them! Glitter makeup became like a positive mask, which gave you opportunities, happiness and extra cleaning duty after the night out 😀

Glitter makeup for your corporate events.

Day by day the word about this “glitter magic” spread around and selling glitter became an official business during the summer of 2017. That is when the glitter eagle really landed to festival and other summer events! You can read more about our events from here!

Here’s Glitternisti team!


At the moment we have around 25 girls working around Finland. Covid has definitely made some hits in our calendar but we are positive that times will change back to better and we are able to carry our business as usual.

In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please send us a message via whatsapp or email! Also do check our online store collection and use our welcome discount code for 20% off from your first order! 

The discount activates with code GLITZ

Again, happy to see you here!

// Tiina


Ps. Free tracked delivery for any orders over 50€!

Team Glitternisti of summer 2020.
13/25 Glitternistis