Glittermeikki johon on käytetty teippiä!

Rainbow makeup challenge!!

The most important month of the year has started! People everywhere in the world are celebrating Pride, which of course means love and equality.

Glitter makeup for bachelortte party.

Glitter makeup for bachelorette party!

Glitter makeup and bachelorette parties fit together better than a cherry on top of  a cake! Why, because glitter has this macig touch that makes everybody happy and joyful! Read below some of our how to complete crazy amazing glitter bachlorette party!


Here’s some tips and tricks on how to glitter! We have learned all these during the years, while completing our “master degree in glitter makeup” on Finnish people across the country!

Halloween makeup competition

Halloween Makeup Competition

Halloween Makeup Competition is on! The theme, like last year, is an inspiring makeup look. The look does not have to have anything to do with Halloween horrors nor glitter, we are looking for great artwork art and artists.

Good / Bad biodegradable glitter

I’m sure all of us have come across with the problems PET glitters are doing to our nature. And that is no wonder! When the tiniest glitter flakes end up in our drains, then waters and finally in the bellies of fishes…

Cosmetic glitter added to false lashes


Glitter lashes are great way to spice up your party look! They look absolutely amazing and are super easy to do!

How to make glitter makeup – 3 easy looks

Making amazing glitter makeup looks is not rocket science! You need a tiny bit of courage, little bit of practice and of course great cosmetic glitters! See our 3 step tutorial video below and read written instructions below!



Discount code & few words about who we are and what we do! Our brand name Glitternisti literally translates to “glitter junkie”…

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