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General info about cosmetic glitter

Biohajoavaa glitteriä myydään myös lasipullossa

Always remember to remove glitter correctly in an environmentally friendly manner! Glitter does not belong to drains!

Everyday life or special occasion, we as consumers should make responsible decisions also when using cosmetic glitter. We worry that tiny microplastics will end up in our water system and nature – and for a reason.  Regarding this, the most important thing is to remove the glitter correctly! Wash out glitter with a cleansing wipe and throw the wipe in a bin. Never wash off the glitter so that the glitter ends up in drains!

We want to offer eco-friendly products for all glitter princesses et princes. Our online store Ecoglitter products are non-toxic and over 90% biodegradable made from plant-based cellulose.

Remember also that cosmetic glitter is a long-lasting product in use. Like other make-up products, for one singular use, you don’t need a lot of cosmetic glitter to achieve astonishing looks.

All our glitters are vegan, non-toxic and they are not tested on animals! 

Glitter is a cosmetic product to create skin decorations. It is safe to use on the face as well as on the body. You can use cosmetic glitter for example on your cheek bones, as eye shadows, hair, beard, or to create glitter tattoos! Find inspiration from our Glitternisti instagram account!

You should think twice while choosing your glitter for make-up! Cosmetic glitter has different ingredients than glitter produced to create handicrafts. Cosmetic glitter doesn’t include metala, or other toxic ingredients (such as glass!! Argh!) often used to produce glitter for handicraft purposes.  Cosmetic glitters are made from aluminum-based PET-plastic.  PET-plastic is the same substance used to most everyday plastic products such as packaging for shampoo so it is safe for the skin. Ecoglitter – biodegradable glitter – on the other hand is made from cellulose. So cosmetic glitter is a skin friendly, safe option for make up purposes. 

Like all make-up and cosmetic products, we encourage you to test cosmetic glitter before use. Use only on healthy skin! Apply a small amount of cosmetic glitter on your skin with a fixative of your choice. In rare cases cosmetic glitter can cause a bad skin reaction so remember always to be careful! Pay attention especially with eyes and sensitive skin around the eye area.

Ecoglitter is over 90% biodegradable product made from plant-based cellulose. Plant-based cellulose on the other hand is produced by using eucalyptus trees grown with eco friendly methods in Europe. Ecoglitters can be used on skin and hair like any other cosmetic glitter and they don’t include metals or any other toxic ingredients. Pigments are natural colors and the beautiful shine comes from 0,1% aluminum coating. (small amounts of aluminum exist also in natural soil!). We know that aluminum coating sounds alarming but there’s no danger because all ingredients used to produce ecoglitters are completely non-toxic and this is why dangerous compounds cannot be formed. There are no records of side effects of any kind – If the ecoglitter product is used on healthy skin and it is applied like any other normal make-up product. However please be careful with eyes and sensitive skin around eyes especially when removing glitter. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, we recommend you test the glitter first by applying the product on a small skin area. Ecoglitters are vegan as well as all Glitternisti products sold on our website. 

Because Ecoglitters are made from plant-based cellulose, they are a bit more fragile and limited in use than other cosmetic glitters. For example, glue used for handicrafts can harm Ecoglitters surface and change its original color. Also, our Glitternisti hand sanitizer includes ethanol which can be harmful for eco glitter. 

For friendly information,  we got feedback from a customer who got little blue spots on her/his skin for using our Eco Cosmos glitter. It is unclear what kind of fixative the customer had used but unfortunately the color had fainted away from product to skin. 

Find our Glitternisti biodegradable eco glitter collection from HERE!

The biggest difference between PET-glitter and Eco glitter is of course the ingredients! PET-glitter is made from plastic and eco glitter from plant-based cellulose. The second biggest difference is the glow, shine. PET-glitters have clearly a stronger glow and a wider range of colors. Depending on the intended use and purpose of your occasion (for example a party for kids vrs. performance on stage), you may think how much shine you want and need. Super shiny look is not necessary for every event – and maybe the glow from Ecoglitter is enough.

Ecoglitters feel softer on skin because they are made from cellulose. This is a nice little detail – especially for the little ones!

Always remove glitter accordingly so that the product doesn’t end up in the drain!

Some tips how to remove glitter make-up, test and try:

        Oil-based make-up remover and cotton 

        Cleansing wipe

        Tape (gitter sticks to the tape from face and also from floor) 

Gently wipe off the glitter and throw the glittery wipe to bin!

If you use glitter adhesive to fix your glitter make-up, first make the glue softer for example with make-up removal. 

Be bold, play with colors, mix shades! Try out crazy color combinations! We love glitters especially because they reflect light in a unique way which makes the glitter look different in every angle. Also glitters change color depending on perspective…! If you mix different colored glitters, you will get more depth in your glitter make-up than by using only one shade. Choose your favorite color and pair it with another color, something that you wouldn’t normally choose, and you’ll be surprised! If choosing the contrasting color feels difficult, pick our forever classic black or for example multicolored Rainbow Mix!

To create a glitter make-up look, you need:

        Cosmetic glitter, mix colors and sizes

        Fixative to attach glitter (for example Vaseline, Miracle Balm, Glitter adhesive etc.) 

        Brush to apply glitter, pick one that is only used for glitter!

We also have several Starter Kits, that include everything you need to start your career as a glitter makeup artist!

Glitter on todella riittoisaa tavaraa.

Glitter is a super long-lasting product! You don’t need to apply a lot of glitter to create an amazing looks. Loose glitter is as long lasting as any other make-up products such as lipstick or blush.

Of course, part of the glitter game is waste… How much you waste glitter on the table/floor while applying the product… 🙂

Here’s a picture of a blank A4 paper covered with glitter from a 5ml jar. The glitter flakes are pretty standard sized in our collection. Obviously, the coverage depends on the size of the flakes. One little 5 ml jar is enough for bigger glitter make-up projects too. 

Glitter sopii myös lapsille!

Cosmetic glitter is suitable for everyone and every age! However we don’t recommend small children to use cosmetic glitter without adult supervision. This is mostly because we want to avoid the product ending up in wrong places like eyes or furniture. 

That being said we have many products suitable for kids. For example, our glitter tattoos are resistant to touch, and they can be lightly washed too. And kids LOVE them!

Find out all our products for children from here!

How to use cosmetic glitter?

Glitternisti cosmetic glitter can be used on the face, hair, nails and body. You can create glitter make-up looks in various ways, use as a highlighter as a part of your daily make-up routine, as an extreme eye catcher – or to hide tiredness during the festival season in summer or Christmas parties during winter 🙂

Be fearless with glitters, play with colors, and try out combinations you wouldn’t normally dare!

TIP: Glitter is usually considered as part of party and festive make-up looks; however, you can also easily use glitter in your everyday make-up. Glitter highlights and brightens the glance and makes the attention focus on your eyes.

You can use glitter on your face, beard, eyebrows, hair or body. Cover the area where you want to use glitter with for example Vaseline, Miracle Balm or another cream of your choice without water. Apply glitter with a make-up brush or with your finger. If you are aiming for a really long lasting result, we recommend you use glue made for skin (such as skin adhesive or lash adhesive or any other cosmetic glue). Finish your look with make-up fixing spray. 

Use hair gel to attache glitter on to hair or beard.

You can also use glitter to decorate your nails. Check inspiration from our Youtube and Instagram accounts! 

 Glitternisti Glitters can also be used to create handicrafts!


Cover lightly the area where you want to use glitter with for example Vaseline. Whatever thick creasy water free cream works well for the purpose! For long lasting results, use cosmetic skin adhesive. Check out amazing Miracle Balm from our online store! 

PRO-TIP: Before your big party night, do a test make-up, especially if you are using skin adhesive or you want to use glitter on your eye shadows or lips! Loose glitter has its own character and test make-up is always a good idea to avoid (negative) surprises! 🙂


 To apply glitter, use either a make-up brush or your own finger. You can also try watercolor brush or any other soft brush! Create layers of glitter and apply several layers, the work will pay off and the result will be more spectacular (vs. normal eye shadow)! Be brave – combine colors and different sized glitter flakes!

PRO-TIP: Dedicate a few brushes only to apply glitter. Once you use a brush for your glitter make-up, there’s no turning back! Check out Glitternisti Magic brush from our online store, it is affordable and a good basic brush made for this purpose!


If you feel like it, you can finalize your glitter make-up by using make-up fixing spray or skin friendly hair spray. Glitter is long-lasting and doesn’t necessarily need a finishing skin fixative. You can fix your glitter make-up during the day, like with any other make-up. If you use cosmetic skin adhesive, you don’t need a finishing product! 

PRO-TIP: Before fixing you glitter make-up, try first if you can add more glitter without adding the fixative (Vaseline) product. Add Vaseline only if really needed!


GLITTER DOES NOT BELONG IN NATURE NOR THE DRAIN! Although our biodegradable glitters decompose in nature, even they don’t belong in our natural waters. The best thing for nature and our ecological system is to remove glitter correctly : Remove the product from skin using cotton pads and throw the pads to the bin or biowaste (if you use ecological make-up removal)!

PRO-TIP: Oil-based make-up removal works very well to remove glitter too! You can also try tape. 

Check inspiration from our Instagram account! 

PRO-TIP: Before your big party night, do a test make-up -Especially if you are using skin adhesive or you want to use glitter on your eye shadows or lips! Loose Glitter has its own character and test make-up is always a good idea to avoid (negative) surprises! 

PRO TIP: To apply glitter, use either a make-up brush or your own finger. You can also try watercolor brush or any other soft brush! Create layers of glitter and apply several times, the work will pay off and the result will be more spectacular (vs. normal eye shadow)! Be brave – Combine colors and different sized glitter flakes!


 NATURE NOR THE DRAIN! Although our ecologic glitters decompose in nature, even then they don’t belong in our natural waters. The best thing for nature and our ecological system is to remove glitter correctly : Remove the product from skin using cotton and throw it to the bin or biowaste (If you use ecological make-up removal)!


PRO-TIP: Oil-based make-up removal works very well to remove glitter too! You can also try tape. 


Check inspiration from our Instagram account!

glittermeikin tekoon tarvittavat tuotteet

Before choosing the right fixative / adhesive for your glitter make-up, analyse your need! How long-lasting fixation you actually want AND need? Think also about the placement on your face and body where you are applying glitter or face gems. 

If you are going for a “classical glitter make up” like highlighting the eye area, under the eyes or cheek bones, we definitely recommend that you use Vaseline or some other water free cream (Miracle Balm, Vitalis etc.). Water free cream sticks glitter gently but it is a long-lasting option and easy way to fix during the day!

For stronger and more long lasting results, we recommend skin friendly cosmetic adhesive. Remember that cosmetic adhesive dry really quickly and they are a bit more complicated to remove than creams.

For glitter hair, beard and other “hairy” areas, we advise to use hair gel. Apply plenty of gel in the area of your choice, apply glitter on top of the gel either using a brush or finger. 

Read more tips on how to fix and apply glitter from our blog!

Hieman yläviistoon tehty glittermeikki.

It is good to spend few moments or so to think which part of your lovely face is good for glitter! We have learned along the way that applyin glitter in a “diagonal shape” from down to upwords, makes the look more appealing and fresh. It also highlights the shape of the face in the “right” direction and doesn’t make your face look longer. You can compare this for example how you draw eyeliners or apply eye shadow. When the line is towards up, your face looks more vivant and cheerful than when the line is headed down. Of course, you are the make-up artist of your glitter look, so you choose what is the best way! 

Here is a list of things you should consider when working with glitter:

  • wrinkles and face lines, glitter can get lumpy and tick inside lines
  • hair, is your hair touching glitter constantly
  • glasses, like any other makeup, glitter is visible behind the glasses but be careful that glitter doesn’t touch glasses nor the handles
  • when applying glitter on your body, pay attention if your clothing or for example handbag is touching glitter

Think about placement but also size for your glitter make-up. Start small and increase volume and area accordingly!


Glitteriä voi laittaa myös hiuksiin.

Kasvoille tarkoitettuja timantteja voi kiinnittää myös hiuksiin!

The best way to apply glitter to hair (or beard) is to use hair gel or hair wax. Before choosing the fixation product, pay attention to how the product behaves when it’s dry. For example, hair gel looks often “greasy” when it gets dry.

If your hair is loose, you can apply a small amount in the ends. Unfortunately the result is not usually very long-lasting as hair moves a lot. To achieve the best result, we advise to use chunky big glitter flakes, not fine glitter. 

Here are some ideas for glitter hairdo:

  • hairline
  • end of ponytail or topknot
  • hairdo itself (for example braid or topknot)

You can also attach face gems on your hair. The results are amazing!! Use water-soluble and skin friendly adhesive to attach the gems on hair. Read more about glitters on hair from HERE!

Same instructions for glitter beard! 🙂

Glitterhuulet jotka on tehty pinkillä glitterillä

For applying glitter onto lips, we definitely recommend to use glitter primer (for example NYX has a good glitter primer) or light, skin friendly cosmetic adhesive. Fine, loose glitter powder (check our ONLY collection) is the best product to create glitter lips. Fine glitter gives a long lasting result because of it’s fine composition. 


  • peel and moisturise lips before applying glitter to lips. Good base is the key for everything! 
  • apply lip liner to create a clear line for your lips, then apply lipstick that matches with the color of your glitter. We recommend using matt lipstick because it works better with glitter primer or adhesive. 
  • apply glitter into the lips. Start from the middle and continue towards the borders. Small and flat brush works best for this!
  • if you use bigger glitter flakes, remember that the flakes drop easily when your mouth and lips move. 
  • if you are creating glitter lips for a special event or big important party, we recommend that you do a test makeup before the big day. Advice just to avoid surprises! 

Glitter lips by @mariaalexandran


You can also create glitter nails with Glitternisti glitters! Use transparent nail polish on your nails and drop glitters flakes on top. Let it dry, apply another or two layers of nail polish! You can also dip your nail directly into the glitter jar.

Full irtoripset sopii glittermeikkiin.

Good base for loose glitter eyeshadow is a glitter primer, eye shadow primer or any cream without water. We recommend you try different options to find the one which is best for you!

Cosmetic adhesive is often too thick and strong for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Especially when removing the make-up, eyes might get irritated.

Light layer of fine glitter stays on eye shadows also without any special fixative.

Pic by  @mubelina


Product info

Vaaleanpunainen hienojakoinen glitter meikkiin.

The finest glitters in our collection are like sand! These are the ones some of us remember from the 90’s! But fine glitters are super multipurpose and great for adding some sparkle for more classical makeup (like smokey eye).

The best part of fine glitters is the size. The fine texture makes a lot of things possible, drawing sharp lines, highlighting just a tiny part of your eye makeup or adding that beautiful sparkle for your cheekbones. Also small flakes stick better and stay where you placed them! Read more about applying glitter and the fixatives from our blog!

The size might also be an issue! Because it is so fine, the glitter might end up as paint like surface on your skin. This is great if it what you want but we recommend to apply fine glitter by tapping it on the wanted place.

USE FOR: glitter eyeshadow, glitter lips, glitter nails, glitter tattoos, small details, glitter eye eyelashes



Isohileisillä glittereillä saa tehtyä upeita meikkejä!

Like the name says, the glitters in this category are prober show offs! Our chunky glitters sizes from 1 mm up to 7 mm (check out Fiji XL) and all of them are sold as loose glitter. What we like to do with our glitter mixes is to mix different size glitter flakes. That makes the final product more 3D and interesting when used!

Our Ecoglitter collection also has several chunky glitter mixes!

We recommend to mix and match, try crazy color combos! Glitters are always beautiful and that is because of the way light reflects on them. They are never what they seem like in the jar. Glitter lives their own life 🙂

USE: chunky glitters are great fore glitter makeup, glitter hair, on you body, beard and nails!

Ekoglitter on yli 90% luonnossa hajoava tuote.

Ecoglitters are over 90% biodegradable products made from plant-based cellulose grown in Europe. Trees used to produce ecoglitter are grown with ecofriendly methods. Ecoglitters don’t include any metals or other toxic ingredients. Pigments are from natural sources and the beautiful shine comes from 0,1% aluminum coating. There are no records of side effects of any kind – If the ecoglitter product is used on healthy skin and it is applied like any other normal make-up product. However please be careful with eyes and sensitive skin around eyes especially when removing glitter. If you are allergic or sensitive skin, we recommend you test the glitter first by applying the product on a small skin area.

Ecoglitters are not tested on animals, they are vegan and produced without parabens. Ecoglitters are perfect also for children because they feel softer on skin compared to other cosmetic glitters.

Try ecoglitters to create glitter tattoos or glitter makeup, suits perfectly also for eye make-up. Fix ecoglitter on skin with Vaseline or any other waterfree cream. Our collection includes over 30 different glitter mixes!

Ecoglitter sarjasta löytyy myös uskomattoman upeita highlightereita!Glitternisti highlighters are made from mica-powder, which is a natural powder collected from muscovite minerals (yes, natural stones have also these shiny minerals).

Ecoglitter mica powders are dyed with natural colors such as iron oxide. Mica highlighters are entirely natural minerals and they are often used in cosmetic products to give glow (for example lipstick and blush). The mica powder we use for our Glitternisti products comes from the USA. 



Kasvoille liimattavat timantit eri väreissä.Use face gems to make your face shine like a diamond! Most of our face gems sets are sold in four different color options.

Our face gem collection has different sized and shaped gems. The best seller product is Mixed Face Gems set (pictured) in color iridescent. Iridescent has the colors of the rainbow! Other color options are gold, rose pink, and jade green.

All you need is a skin friendly cosmetic fixative, check glitter adhesive from our online store. Glitter adhesive is suitable also for sensitive skin. You can easily wash it away with makeup removal or soap. Always attach face gems on dry, powdered skin (light makeup base is ok!). Apply adhesive on skin, not on the gem, as then placing the gems is easier. Afterwards clean the gems with make-up removal and save for next time!

Face gems are suitable also on the body: chest, back, shoulders or hair.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to create a bigger piece of body art with the gems, start by placing them on the table to design your final work. Makes working with the design much easier!

Glittertatuoinnit pysyvät iholla useita päiviä.

Making glitter tattoos is super easy! You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist (and definitely not a pro tattoo artist) to make glitter tattoos.

This is how you do it:

  • press tattoo stencil on skin
  • apply skin friendly adhesive or other fixative
  • cover the area with glitter
  • peel the stencil of carefully and the tattoo is ready
  • try mixing different colors to get amazing result!

Our collection has three glitter tattoo sets with different templates:

Glitter Tattoo Stencils: Star, paw, bow, unicorn, diamond and anchor
Glitter Tattoo Stencils 2.0: Lips, lightning, seashell, rainbow, butterfly and feather
Glitter Tattoo Princess templates: Rose, crown, heart, mermaid, snowflake

For glitter tattoos, the best option is to use fine glitters that you can find from our basic and ecoglitter collections. Ecoglitter products are biodegradable and made from plant-based cellulose. Fine glitter powder gives nice, sharp edges to the tattoo and it stays better on skin. Our color range is very wide!

Glitter tattoos stay on skin like other temporary tattoo stickers, usually for a couple of days. You can wash the tattoos away simply by using soap and water – Please be careful that glitter doesn’t end up in the drain! We don’t recommend cosmetic adhesive (aka skin glue) for children’s faces because removing it might feel unpleasant. For children’s face try Vaseline or Miracle Balm.

Read more about glitter tattoos from our blog!

Must have tools for glittermakeup!

You can find all necessary items from our online store to start your amazing way as glitter makeup artist! We have chosen the best fixative and brushes to our collection, same ones we use all the time at our own gigs!

You might want to dedicate certain brushes for glitter. As once you dip the brush into glitter, there will always be glitter. Check our Magic Brushes which are great for any kind of glitter makeup. They are made from synthetic fiber and are easy to wash!

For applying glitter on your face we use the following products:

  • Vaseline, great for applying glitter on cheeck bones for example
  • Miracle Balm, also great water free fixative
  • Glitter Glue, great for applying face gems, face florals and glitter when you need stronger fixation

For glitter lips, try glitter primer!

Hand sanitizer with glitter.

Glitter hand sanitizer is perfect for encouraging kids to learn and remember to sanitize their hands as well! Children will love shaking the bottle and watching the mesmerizing sparkles float around.

Incredients: Etanol (CAS 64-17-5), propan-2-oil (CAS 67-63-0) 7 g (vaikuttava aine), glyserine and PET – glitter. Jar size 50 ml.

Beautiful false lashes called Mint.

Do you feel more like Marilyn or Twiggy today?

Our False Lashes are great to create depth in the eyes when a simple mascara is not simply enough.

Lash Obsessed lashes are easy to use and a fantastic way to update your look. 

Our collection has four different false lashes that you can modify easily according to the shape of your own eye. Our false lashes are easy to place and they are soft like real lashes. If you take good care of false lashes, wash and storage them carefully they are long lasting. Use makeup cleanser and tweezers to clean up false lashes after every use.


Glitternisti online store has wide selection of glitter products for all kinds of glitter parties: birthday and bachelorette parties, weddings, goodbye parties or simply good old house parties! Organize a DIY glitter corner and everyone can create their own party look with glitter or decorate your younger guests with temporary glitter tattoos!

For children’s parties our best seller product is definitely glitter tattoo set. Glitter tattoos are super easy to make at home! They stay on skin for a couple of days, like other temporary tattoos, and you can wash them off easily with water and soap. Tattoos are suitable also for small children who are too young for glitter makeup.

Glitter Party

What is better than bachelorette party plus glitter 😀

Glitternistis will adorn your guests with glitter makeup and glitter tattoos in your home, at a park, at a restaurant or wherever your party animals are roaming! We will make your wildest sparkle dreams come true in the context of your party theme! We can also book a photographer to take shiny picture memories or a traditional makeup and hair artist to beautify the birthday babe or bride/groom-to-be or the entire party crowd. Of course, we’ll finish things off with sparkle, gems and glitter <3

Ask more info here!

Ecoglitter is biodegradable cosmetic product.

The worry about glitter ending up in the environment is completely real! That is why we want to provide our amazing customers a guilt-free and sustainable experience.  Glitters from our Ecoglitter Collection are always included in our glitter set at an event, but we can also provide the service using only our biodegradable ecoglitters.

Our Ecoglitters  are toxic-free and over 90% biodegradable products made of plant based cellulose. #guiltfreeglitterfun

Do you want to know more? Contact us here and learn more here.

Glitter makeup for your corporate events.

You can order Glitternisti, our glitter makeup team, to any event anywhere in Finland and Scandinavia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange the perfect setup for your company event! On top of glitter makeup, we also do face and body painting, braids, traditional makeup and quick manicures.

Glitternisti is suitable for events targeted at children and grown-ups!  The client can influence the color selection and products that are used. We can also do a glitter gig using only our biodegradable products!

Ask more info here!