From: 6,90 

Iridescent biodegradable glitter, aka ecoglitter

Finally we got this baby on board! We have been waiting for iridescent ecoglitter forever as it is the most essential color in you glitter makeup kit! Iridescent glitters are the ones that give the makeup the ultimate shine and best final touch! We really recommend this beauty. Check also the chunky version!

You can read more about our biodegradable glitter range from here!

What is ecoglitter?

Ecoglitter is over 90% biodegradable cosmetic glitter which is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptys trees grown in European plantations. You can use ecoglitters just like any other cosmetic glitter, on your face, hair, body and nails! The products are completely non-toxic and GMO-free!


How to Use Cosmetic Ecoglitter?

To apply, simply dampen skin with a product like Vaseline or Miracle Balm. Any water-free cream works perfectly well! Apply glitter generously with your fingers or with a makeup brush. It is good to remember that if you dip your makeup brush into glitter, it will always have a bit of glitter on it.  So maybe save your most expensive brushes for something else! Check out our Magic Brush which is super for applying glitter!

Holographic Glitter Inspiration?

Our glitters look great on your face, hair, and body. You can also use them for nails! Use your imagination, mix & match! You can check some inspiration from our Instagram and YouTube!