Chunky glitters are our true love! Who could say no to large flakes and super shiny glitters that work perfectly on your face, body, hair or nails! We have a wide selection of chunky biodegradable glitters also found from here!

USE: glitter makeup, glitter hair, body art, crafts, etc.

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The bigger the better! Our chunky glitter collection includes all larger (than life) glitter flakes, sizes from 1mm to 7mm diameter. Most of our chunky glitters are sold as a mixture of different sized loose glitters that gives a nice 3D effect. Use Chunky glitters for hair, beard, skin, makeup… Try chunky glitters on eye corners, cheekbones or under your eyebrows.

All Glitternisti glitters are unique mixtures carefully designed and mixed in Helsinki, Finland. The best seller of this category is chunky Fiji XL! This dreamy mixture of iridescent silver glitter has four different sized flakes. All products from our XL family have a super 3D effect and that’s why you only need that one product!

We recommend mixing different colors and different sized glitter flakes to get the most crazy beautiful result for your makeup! Play with colors and try color combinations that you wouldn’t ever have imagined!

Glitternisti sells only loose glitters, so you also need a fixative product to attach the glitters. There are many good options for that, Vaseline, Miracle Balm, Eight Hour Cream or any color free lip balm. Basically any cream without water will do just fine! If you use cream as fixative, but you want a little more long-lasting result, you can finalize your glitter makeup with a makeup fixing spray or skin friendly hair spray.

For a super long-lasting result, we recommend skin friendly cosmetic adhesive. Be careful with the sensitive skin around the eyes because as the skin adhesives might have a strong smell! Remember that adhesives dry really quickly, they might cause skin reactions and change color when dry. Visible yellow adhesive under your glitter makeup is not so pretty :)